Essential tools to carry in your car

Driving your car can sometimes be painful and keeping important car tools in your vehicle is considered to be very handful. There are situations where you can be stranded due to some minor fault in your car. Also, it is very important to know the ways to repair your car. Now, here are some tools that you always must carry in your car while you are driving in order to avoid any kind of stranded situations on road.

First-aid kit

While traveling, it is always considered to be necessary to carry first-aid. There can be health problems along with any kind of accidents which can be tackled to some extent with the help of having a first-aid kid in your vehicle.


Do always carry this wonder tool while driving in your car. This is the type of toolthat is said to be very useful at the time of any emergency situation. The things that this hammer can do is to break the glasses of the car and also to tear seat belts.

Tow strap

The third item in the list is going to be tow strap. Now, it is important for you to know the use of this particular item. In case of any car breakdown, having tow strap is like a boon as it can help you reach the nearest workshop with the help of someone.

Jumper cables

The fourth item in the list is said to be very helpful. There can be situations when you car is stuck due to your car battery. Also, if you do not keep track on your car battery, there can be chances that it can become weak, so keeping jumper cables can help in this case.


The last item that you should always keep in your car is very much useful although it is a very small item. It is just a flashlight but keeping a flashlight in your car is needed at the time of checking anything in the dark hours and also needed during car repairing.